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Andrew Morris
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Andrew Morris I am not a fan of black metal normally, but I was drawn to this album because of dark souls, and it didn't disappoint. the guitar melodies embody the gritty and dark world of the souls series.
Arrogant Bastard
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Arrogant Bastard Firelink has established itself as the sovereign of Dark Souls inspired metal. Equal parts seething and melodious (thank you Ken) this album captures the Dark Souls atmosphere of omnipresent dread and flickers of hope emanating from yonder bonfire. Favorite track: End of Piety.
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TheKenWord2017 Firelink proves once and for all that Firelink aren't a one-trick pony. Equal parts melodious, soul-crushing, and fiery, the album is a worthy addition to any black metal fan's rotation. Favorite track: Kingseeker.
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Traitor A hand in the destruction of the world You’d betray your own kind Scaleless and afraid You hide yourself from your mistakes I will cut you down to rest upon your blue rocky terrain Your illusions hold no baring as I slit your throat Self proclaimed scholar Granted dukedom by the lord of sunlight He took part of his souls for These treacherous deeds Though you may think your cause is just You are merely a pawn A laughing stock to those who were born strong Crack the stone that links your Soul to immortality Scoff as I watch this titan collapse Die like your brothers
Drawn to the light But always fear the flame Lest you be devoured by it and lose yourself Created a flame to mimic the great one But engulfed the bodies of the daughters of the witch Deformed monstrosities prowl the land where demons bore Beneath the swamp lies the flaming city of Izalith This land engulfed Embraced Fabrication of the flame made flesh Now is where I must descend Into the land of chaos The deepest point of the earth Staring out into this lake of endless flame When beneath me an incomprehensible titan forms A deformed body of magma leaking mass As it falls the lake descends with it Allowing me to traverse these scalding grounds As I further towards the mother of these demons I feel the earth quivering and burning beneath Familiar foes and a master of fire all rest eternally at my feet I have scathed these ruins to halt the scourge of its inhabitants The architecture displayed before me still holds strong But the flame stands even stronger A path for me to follow is present evermore But the demons obstruct this path Further down this fiery grave The chaos flame lies ahead A mass protected by these roots won't stop my steel from cutting through My mind starts breaking earth is quaking Bricks of stone are falling through Careful steps or I may fall through the floor Soon this beast Will be one With the earths core As I lunge my blade into this worthless creature It squirms as it takes its final breath As I lunge my blade into this worthless creature As I lunge my blade into this worthless creature
The way of white lies within you To break the light dark consumes you Granted power to corrupt the dead The miasma In your head decay is all that lives Into the land where the dead wander in droves A vague light fades it's way from my sight On my way I look for the rite Held behind the mask of the father A rite to fuel the flame and engulf itself in my humanity Born of the blackened blood so spakethed by the church Where clerics shepherd undead Pillaging what humanity remains as servants of the gravelord All around me are weeping shells of crestfallen warriors devoid of purpose and loyalty The ceaseless discharge from there butchered abdomena Heretics, defiant of the God’s will Never accepting the lord’s role for man in the amaranthine age of Fire Further into the blackness, the toooooommmmbbb Where every light is swallowed and dark consumes Decrepit clerics exhumes the fallen for what might remain but I seek the soul of the dead lord Born of the blackened blood so spakethed by the church Where clerics shepherd undead
Kingseeker 09:48
Deep Beneath the shrine There lies a sunken world The remnants of a city beyond deformed by the curse of time As i breath i am not the only one Who resides here There is no flame Just those infected by the dark Swirling blackness covers everything in it's path Loyal to the kings they worship deeper down below Death draws close Roaming the sights of decay Structures fold within themselves and give way To this inconceivable view A panoramic display of the final legs that this city used to hold I bare the seal of the abyss Clutched near my fingertips Now all that's left to do is fall Glide through the darkness But i feel my feet touchdown to greet the ground Granting me the chance to complete my task Abandoned by the sunlight A figure forms before my eyes As it multiplies they circle and close me in Orbiting eternally Each thrust of this blade seems more aimless than the last Standing in this black void Death us circling My mind collapsing Multiplying masses of these clouds of death I must trudge on to deter the grasp of the abyss Strangling my mind as it's grip tightens My kneea grow weak as i swing my final blow I follapse to the ground Hopes of sanity as the darkness beckons Walk the dark Walk the dark Walk the dark
End of Piety 09:55
These cautious steps into the kiln Where ashes fall Like snow forever upon the ground No longer do i seek the light For the darkness now reigns true In time embers will paint the sky Burn Though your knights may guard your home I am coming for you Lord of cinder embrace the dark I will extinguish the cycle of light To start anew Become one with your kingdom of ash As i stand above this shell of a man I contemplate my prize Lordship of a dying land or a flame that will rise again If i end it now And in the end Embers fade Into the dark Beyond the end Embers dance Across the dark


Firelink's sophomore self-titled album will release on June 16th, 2020.
5 Tracks.
More info to come very soon!


released June 16, 2020

Harrison Stivarius - Guitars, Bass, Synth, Songwriting
Adrian Davis - Vocals, lyrics
Kevin Paradis - Drums (session)


all rights reserved



Firelink Atlanta, Georgia

Firelink is a melodic black metal band from the United States. Debut album The Inveterate Fire was released in May 2019, with the sophomore self titled album Firelink released in June 2020. A remaster of The Inveterate Fire with live drums and much more is on the horizon for early 2021. A third Bloodborne inspired album is being written at the moment. ... more

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